ALL INCOMING 2018-19 AP CHEMISTRY STUDENTS will need the following materials before the first day of class:

1. Textbook (eText or hardcopy)
2. Lab notebook

Students may get either the eText OR hardcopy textbook.
Chemistry: The Central Science (13th Edition)
by. Brown, LeMay (ISBN-10: 0321910419)

*We are NOT using the most current edition (14th) of the title. The current edition is about $200 and you can most likely find our edition (13th) for $75 (hardcopy).
 eText Option 

Go to

Enter ISBN-13: 978-0-321-93498-7

PURCHASE:  Mastering Chemistry with Pearson eText -- Instant Access -- for Chemistry: The Central Science, 13th Edition

 Hardcopy Option 
The publisher no longer distributes new copies of the book. You will find plenty of used copies available to be purchased via online.

The University CoOp may also have some copies for purchase.

Renting the textbook is also on option. It is important the student has access to the textbook until May 1.

Students will need to maintain a laboratory notebook. Each student will need to get the following:

BARBAKAM Lab Notebook 100 Carbonless Pages Spiral Bound 
Publisher: BARBAKAM 
ISBN-10: 0978534425

The University CoOp may also have some copies available for purchase.

  • Students will also GRAPHING CALCULATOR. The same calculator used for math class works well. It is important that it is GRAPHING since that function is used in some of the problems that will be done. 
  • Students will be supplied with a special NOTEBOOK that will be charged to student accounts in August. This notebook enables student to electronically send a copy of their written work.