Unit 8: Electrochemistry

Learning Objectives for Unit 8 is located here. 

Learn the basic skills and equipment that will be required this year.  To be discussed: lab safety and equipment, introduction to matter, significant figures, measuring devices, dimensional analysis, density, volume, and gas behavior and models.

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Unit notes and Example problems

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Electrochemical Cell Potentials
  • Determining standard state cell potentials
  • Determining non-standard state cell potentials
Equilibrium Constants and Free Energy Changes for Electrochemical Cells
  • Determining equilibrium constants
  • Determining standard state free energy changes
  • Determining nonstandard state free energy changes
  • Determining quantities of substances produced by electrolysis
  • Determining time required to produce a quantity of a substance by electrolysis
  • Determining the current required to produce a quantity of substance in a given time period. 
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Assigned Textbook Problems
Chapter 20: Electrochemistry
#1,  3,  4,  6,  7,  8,  15,  17,  25,  29,  33,  35,  37,  39,  51,  57,  63,  65,  (85),  (87),  (91)    

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Electrochemistry Project 
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