Unit 9: Acid and Bases

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Acid/Base chemistry has great relevance to our world.  Many chemical around us from household products to pharmaceuticals have acid/base properties. We will learn more about the notorious acids, which everyone has heard about and the not-so-notorious bases that are just as equally important (and scary). To be discussed: Arrhenius Theory, Bronsted-Lowry Theory, acid-base strength (degree of dissociation), pH concept, pH calculation, pOH, indicators, neutralization reactions, and acid-base titration calculations and lab technique.

Homework/ Practice 

*Extra Practice     KEY
*MC Extra Practice   KEY

*denotes extra practice, not distributed in class


Acid Base Theory Introduction
Acid Base Part 2
pH and pOH

Labs/ Activities 

        NaOH vs. HCl (SB/ SA)
        NaOH vs. Fruit



About the Final Exam

Final Lab - Copper Lab