Recommendation Request

If you are interested in asking Mr. Dunn to write a letter of recommendation for you, for college or any program, please keep in mind the following:
  1. Take the BuzzFeed Quiz. 
  2. Ask to have a conversation in person. 
  3. Mr. Dunn will provide an access code to use below in order to gather more information.
  4. Give at least a month for Mr. Dunn to write the recommendation. 
  5. Follow up. 
Recommendations are valuable because they:
  • Reveal things about you that grades and test scores can’t
  • Provide personal opinions of your character
  • Show who is willing to speak on your behalf

Why Are Recommendations Important 
to Your College Application?

Many colleges use a holistic process to evaluate applicants, seeking to understand the "whole person" and not solely rely on grades and test scores. One way they accomplish this is by reading recommendation letters from teachers and counselors. [....] Because so many students are qualified in terms of their grades and test scores, admissions officers can’t rely entirely on this objective criteria. Instead, they use a holistic process to get to know the whole student, including her personality, values, and goals. This awareness helps them determine who to accept, plus it allows them to build a diverse class of students with a variety of interests, experiences, and goals.

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