Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I pay for access to only some of the documents on CHEMDUNN?

Subscriptions are based on per course. Each subscription provides access to all the materials under that course from the time of purchase to the end of the school year (June 30). There are only very few and specific resources with the option to purchase - just as is. These items are indicated on the site. When you purchase individual items, the resource is sent to you via email automatically once payment is received.

Q. How are payments processed through

We process everything through Stripe which is integrated with for a quick and secured transaction.

Q. Can I get access to my purchased course under 2 email addresses?

We provide course access for 1 email address per purchased subscription. You will need to be signed into the account you provided at the time of order in order to view all documents while browsing your course online. If you are interested in adding another email address, you will need purchase another course subscription. You can purchase here.

Q. I just paid for access but I can't access the materials. What do I do?

Unfortunately, it is not instant access after payment, but we will work as quick as possible. You will receive an email in less than 24 hours with full access to all documents. Look out for the email with the subject line "CHEMDUNN Access Granted!" If it has been more than 24 hours, please email We will figure out what happened!

Q. Do I need a Gmail or G Suite domain email account to access the documents on CHEMDUNN?

Nope! It is possible to access GoogleDocs with your regular email address. Learn how to do it here.

Q. Is it possible to have lifetime access?

We sure do love CHEMDUNN too but we are not set up for lifetime access at this time. But if you still need some attachment to CHEMDUNN, check out our merchandise. Access is granted on a school year basis (August - June). This means on June 30th of every calendar year access gets reset.

Q. Is it possible to access CHEMDUNN in July?

At this time, we don't offer any access.

Q. Why is the subscription cost so cheap?

Woah, who are you calling cheap? (Paying extra is welcome.) CHEMDUNN wants to be an accessible solution for all. We attempt not to be cost prohibitive. We appreciate and recognize your effort to do well in your course work and we want support you in that. (So, why not offer it for free? Good question.) The cost charged allows us to continue to build and maintain this resource for those interested.

Q. What about new content?

We are always working to post more content that helps. We are not looking to overcrowd the site with too much - one of the values of CHEMDUNN is that it is simple and to the point. When adding something new we always first consider, can we use this to replace something? If you have a particular lab or concept that you would like to see covered, let us know.

Q. Help me.

Reach out to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.