Reviews & Testimonials 

CHEMDUNN has been used by students over the years to get a better understanding of their course material.  There is a strong learning by doing philosophy when it comes to the resources posted on CHEMDUNN. 

Here are some of the thoughts and reviews of previous students ... 

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★★★★★    Huge help

"CHEMDUNN saved my chemistry grade."

-- Jack

★★★★★    Worth it

"I actually started to understand my chemistry class a little more and maybe I kinda like chem."

-- Anonymous

★★★★★    Knowledgeable and Intelligent Tutor

CHEMDUNN taught me various amount of topics and helped me understand them in the most thorough manner. He is very knowledgeable in chemistry and is very patient with the time a person needs to understand a subject. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to know about chemistry.   



"This was much easier that searching Google for help. Anything I needed was here and was so easy to find."

-- Hannah

★★★★★    Excellent and Patient, Helped My Son do Great on his Chemistry Test!

"Great Chemistry Tutor! He took his time to explain the topic my son found difficult. He is very patient and has a great teaching style to help you understand the topic. My son was able to get a 100 on the Chemistry test. Would highly recommend to all!      -- Idalis


"The resources provided for each of the lab is amazing. Although there were a few differences with some of the labs - the calculations and example data helped me to better understand what I was doing and why!"    

-- Carson 


I recently was unable to attend my college chemistry lectures, so I was a little behind in the class. I found Bryan and told him the topics that I missed in class and he was able to explain all the concepts and provide examples for me to practice with. He is very patient and takes his time to explain all the material until it is understood.

-- Grace