Reviews & Testimonials

CHEMDUNN has been used by hundreds of students over the years to get a better understanding of their course material. There is a strong learning by doing philosophy when it comes to the resources posted on CHEMDUNN.

Here are some of the thoughts and reviews of previous students ...

★★★★★ Huge help

"CHEMDUNN saved my chemistry grade."

- Jack (2020)

★★★★★ Worth it

"I actually started to understand my chemistry class a little more and maybe I kinda like chem."

- Anonymous


"This was much easier that searching Google for help. Anything I needed was here and was so easy to find."

- Hannah (2018)


"The resources provided for each of the lab is amazing. Although there were a few differences with some of the labs - the calculations and example data helped me to better understand what I was doing and why!" - Carson (2019)

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