5 Things You Can Do to Get a 5

AP® Chemistry Exam Prep & Review


Relax. Be effective and efficent

Understanding how to be most effective and efficent with your time to actually learn and retain the information will help!  Read some study tips here

“We learn and remember better when we practice pulling things out of the brain, than when we try to practice putting stuff into the brain.”

-Peter Brown, from interview with Jennifer Gonzales on Cult of Pedagogy podcast 


Understand the Exam 

Knowing how many questions, what amount of time, and generally what to expect can alleviate anxiety but gives you a heads up on your time management strategy. You are also prepared to better understand what the questions are asking to deliver what you know to the problem.  Learn more about the exam. 


Diagrams, Graphs, Charts, and other Images Summaries

Understanding how to READ and DRAW (SKETCH) various pictures is important in the scientific community. This extensive resource compiles several diagrams, graphs, charts, and other images you should be familiar with and what important takeaways are associated with each visual representation.  Check out an example below:

Image Source: Question #27 From 2018 Practice AP Chemistry Multiple Choice Test

Maxwell-Boltzmann Distribution

Go to Diagrams, Graphs, Charts, and other Images Summaries here


Topic Summaries

Topic summaries help extract the information needed from each concept -- of course accompanied by some example problems.  View the full list of topics here.  Below are two free topic summaries.


Lab & Experimental Review

Best for last!  Applying the chemical concepts to lab work is the application of chemistry.  This can be the most challenging for some because it pulls several concepts together and it introduces questions about data and error analysis. 

Ultimate Experimental Summary Guide (a good place to start!)