Experiment Summary

The purpose of this investigation is using Hess's Law to calculate the enthalpy of reaction of:

The equations that will be use to "add up" to get the above equation include:

The lab component is to determine experimentally the enthalpy of reaction for A AND then for reaction B, and then with that information mathematically calculate the enthalpy of formation for MgO.

Experimental Set-up

The following video provides the concept of the lab that you are going to do. Please make sure that you follow our written procedure provided to you, which is also posted below. Please take note of the following that we will NOT do which was described/demonstrated in the video:

  • try NOT to poke around with a glass stirring rod.

This is a long video but it goes through everything line by line.

Lab Handouts, Analysis & Calculations

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1. Lab Handout

2. Class Data Spreadsheet

3. Sample Data

4. Sample Calculations/ Analysis

5. Possible Sources of Error

6. Links to Similar Labs

7. Previous AP FRQs


14 - Hess's Law/ Formation of MgO [HAC]