Unit 0: Prior Knowledge/ Summer Study

Learning Objectives for Unit 0 is located here.

The following topics are expected as general, pre-requisite knowledge for this class. Students should be familiar with the chemical topics covered on this page. It is possible that a refresher and some light practice may be necessary for some topics. These topics include: introduction to matter, significant figures, measuring devices, dimensional analysis, density, volume, and stoichiometry, nomenclature, and balancing chemical equations.

Practice/ Handouts

*Precision in Measurements πŸ”‘

*Significant Figures Notes/WS πŸ”‘

*Density πŸ”‘

*Balancing Chemical Reactions πŸ”‘

*Stoichiometry πŸ”‘

*denotes supplemental material/ not distributed in class

Assigned Textbook Problems

Chapter 1: Introduction: Matter and Measurement #29, 75

Chapter 2: Atoms, Molecules, Ions #29, 61, 65

Chapter 3: Chem Rxn and Rxn Stoichiometry #13, 23, 77, 90

Labs/ Demonstrations

<No Labs/ Demonstrations>

Video Resources