Unit 0: Prior Knowledge/ Summer Study

The following topics are expected as general, pre-requisite knowledge for this class. Students should be familiar with the chemical topics covered on this page. It is possible that a refresher and some light practice may be necessary for some topics. These topics include: introduction to matter, significant figures, measuring devices, dimensional analysis, density, volume, and stoichiometry, nomenclature, and balancing chemical equations.

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Practice/ Handouts

Precision in Measurements πŸ”‘

Significant Figures Notes/WS πŸ”‘

Density πŸ”‘

More Density πŸ”‘

Balancing Chemical Reactions πŸ”‘

Stoichiometry πŸ”‘

Unit Practice Problems

DIFFICULTY RATING: (#) Easy (#) Medium (#) Hard

Problem #1 (density) (1) πŸ“

Problem #2 (density) (2) πŸ“

Problem #3 (nomenclature) (3) πŸ“

Problem #4 (nomenclature) (4) πŸ“

Problem #5 (subatomic particles) (5) πŸ“

Problem #6 (balance equations) (6) πŸ“

Problem #7 (limiting reactant) (7) πŸ“

Problem #8 (molar mass) (8) πŸ“

Problem #9 (stoichiometry) (9) πŸ“

Labs/ Demonstrations

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Video Resources