Unit 1: Measurement & Observation

Study Guide for Unit 1 is located here.

Learn the basic skills and equipment that will be required this year. To be discussed: lab safety and equipment, introduction to matter, significant figures, measuring devices, dimensional analysis, density, and volume.

Notes/ Readings

As seen in class 🖥️

Laboratory Equipment & Descriptions

Measuring Volume

Create a good Data Table

Significant Figures & Measurements

"Particle in Motion" Reading

Particle Classification Pictorial

Reference Booklet & Handouts

Course Reference Booklet

• Periodic Table of Elements • Molecular Geometry Chart • Solubility Rules • Periodic Table of Elements

Metric Unit Conversion Chart

Relevant Textbook Sections

Please read the statement about the use of the textbook for this class. Try to use the other resources on this page first.

Measurement (1.4)

Measurement Uncertainty (1.5)

Classifying Matter (1.2)

Homework/ Practice/ Handouts


Precision in Measurements 🔑

Significant Figures Notes/WS 🔑

Dimensional Analysis 🔑

*Additional Dimensional Analysis 🔑

Separate Mixtures/ Pure Substances

*Additional handouts not distributed in class.

WebAssign Assignments

WA1 - Getting Started with WebAssign

WA2 - Safety Assessment

WA3 - Counting Significant Figures

WA4 - Conversions, Dim Analysis, Sig Fig

WA5a/b - Dimensional Analysis

WA6 - Mixtures and Particles


P1 - Dimensional Analysis

P2 - Element, Compound, Mixture

Labs/ Activities