Unit 3: Atomic Structure

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The atom is central to the study of chemistry. The atom is the smallest unit of matter that retains all the chemical properties of an element. Understanding the atom and the elements that will be seen throughout the course will provide a foundation to build from to understand how these particles combine and react. To be discussed: atomic structure history, isotopic notation, quantum mechanics, electron configuration, emission spectroscopy, periodic table, and atomic trends.

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Notes/ Readings

U3 Images and Slides

History of the Atom

Periodic Trend Notes


Course Reference Booklet

โ€ข Periodic Table of Elements โ€ข Ions & Conversions โ€ข Solubility Rules, Oxidation No, Molecular Geometry โ€ข Equations and Constants

Relevant Textbook Sections

Free textbook from openstax: Chemistry 2e

Evolution of Atomic Theory (2.2)

Atomic Structure and Symbolism (2.3)

The Periodic Table (2.5)

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Quiz #12 - History of Atomic Chemistry

Quiz #13 - Intro to Periodic Table

Quiz #14 - Atomic Structure

Quiz #15 - Counting Subatomic Particles

Quiz #16 - Electron Configuration

Quiz #17 - More Electron Configuration

Quiz #18 - Periodic Trends

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