Unit 9: Thermochemistry

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Learn the basic skills and equipment that will be required this year. To be discussed: lab safety and equipment, introduction to matter, significant figures, measuring devices, dimensional analysis, density, volume, and gas behavior and models.

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Notes/ Readings

Stoichiometry Using Enthalpy

Heating Curve Example Problem


Course Reference Booklet

• Periodic Table of Elements • Ions & Conversions • Solubility Rules, Oxidation No, Molecular Geometry • Equations and Constants

Relevant Textbook Sections

Free textbook from openstax: Chemistry 2e

5.1 Energy Basics

5.2 Calorimetry

5.3 Enthalpy

Practice/ Handouts

Endo/Exothermic WS 🔑

Stoichiometry w/ Enthalpy WS 🔑

Heating Curve 🔑

Calorimetry POGIL

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WA #45 - Heating Curve

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