Unit 8: Acid and Bases

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Acid/Base chemistry has great relevance to our world. Many chemical around us from household products to pharmaceuticals have acid/base properties. We will learn more about the notorious acids, which everyone has heard about and the not-so-notorious bases that are just as equally important (and scary). To be discussed: Arrhenius Theory, Bronsted-Lowry Theory, acid-base strength (degree of dissociation), pH concept, pH calculation, pOH, indicators, neutralization reactions, and acid-base titration calculations and lab technique.

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Notes/ Readings

General Notes/ Text

Titration Diagram & Set-Up

Titration Curve Examples

pH of Weak Acid Example


Course Reference Booklet

β€’ Periodic Table of Elements β€’ Ions & Conversions β€’ Solubility Rules, Oxidation No, Molecular Geometry β€’ Equations and Constants

Common Weak Acids/Bases Ka/Kb

RocketBook Blank Pages

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Relevant Textbook Sections

Free textbook from openstax: Chemistry 2e

BrΓΈnsted-Lowry Acids and Bases (14.1)

pH and pOH (14.2)

Acid-Base Titrations (14.7)

Practice/ Handouts

Acid/Base Intro & Conjugates πŸ”‘

H+ and OH- πŸ”‘

pH and pOH πŸ”‘

Weak Acids & Bases πŸ”‘

Titration Calculations πŸ”‘

Extra Practice (Summary) πŸ”‘

Practice Quizzes

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WA # - Acid Base Theory Introduction

WA # - Acid Base Part 2

Labs/ Activities

Practice by Equation

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