Recommendation Request


If you are interested in asking Mr. Dunn to write you a letter of recommendation, for college or any program, keep in mind the following:

    1. Are you sure you want him to write one?
    2. Ask to have a conversation in person.
    3. Give at least 30 days for Mr. Dunn to write the recommendation AFTER receiving any requested material from you.
    4. Follow up 2 weeks before it is due in writing.

Is Mr. Dunn the best person to write a recommendation?

The following qualities are ones that Mr. Dunn especially values. Reflect on if your interactions with him have demonstrated these:

      • Persists in the face of setbacks
      • Takes accountability - does not whine and/or complain
      • Acts with integrity and compassion in all areas of life, including the classroom

Other areas such as: hardworking, class contributor, critical thinking, etc, etc are great but do not make great letters of rec.

Why Are Recommendations Important to Your College Application?

Many colleges use a holistic process to evaluate applicants, seeking to understand the "whole person" and not solely rely on grades and test scores. One way they accomplish this is by reading recommendation letters from teachers and counselors. [....] Because so many students are qualified in terms of their grades and test scores, admissions officers can’t rely entirely on this objective criteria. Instead, they use a holistic process to get to know the whole student, including her personality, values, and goals. This awareness helps them determine who to accept, plus it allows them to build a diverse class of students with a variety of interests, experiences, and goals.

Read the full article here.

Recommendations are valuable because they:

Reveal things that grades and test scores can’t

Provide personal opinions of your character

Show who is willing to speak on your behalf

A GoogleDoc will be shared with you once Mr. Dunn accepts your request. The following is a preview of that document and the statements/ questions that may appear. Your responses are extremely helpful to writing your letter. The number of statements/ questions are limited and each one as a specific purposes. None of them intend to be "cute" questions for the "fun" of it.

Once Mr. Dunn receives your responses, please allow 30-days from that date before the completion of your letter. Expedited letters are available starting at $5,000.

    • List up to 3-4 activities/classes in which you have participated in, the number of years and what you have gained or learned from each. Consider artistic, literary, community service and leadership positions.
    • State one quality/aspect/lesson that you learned while in Mr. Dunn’s class. THEN explain how/when you learned it.
    • What awards/ honors have you received? Which elected offices have you held? Please list.
    • Describe an academic accomplishment (paper, test, project) that you are proud of and explain why you take pride in it.
    • List your three most distinguishing or most admirable qualities. (You may explain if you want.)
    • What do you hope to accomplish in college and after? What are your career goals, life goals? (No need to answer all of the parts, any thoughts around any of these will do.)
    • What quality of a student (that you have had a class with) do you admire and why? Name the specific student.
    • Describe yourself in a 140-character Tweet.
    • If you could wake up tomorrow and one world or community problem would be solved, which problem would it be and why?
    • What is ONE thing that you would have done differently as a ninth grader (or in high school, in general)?