Expect the Un-Googleable

"I was able to look up the things I did not understand. I pretty much get it now." Although frontiers waiting to be added to are still present, the information age has made the acquisition of knowledge, especially the fundamental concepts and knowledge taught in secondary schools easily accessible on any internet connected screen, once referred to as the world wide web.

I have found a seemingly difficult question for students to answer which is as forward as it appears, but rather provides great difficulty is, "what do you see?" You can be staring at the answer, but being able to be keenly communicate it and open to process what you see without rush or preconcieved ideas is difficult.

Developing problem solving and analytical thinking.

Lending your voice to the conversations and dialogues were we grapple with complex and intricate topics.

Be comfortable with the uncomfortable.

In class, I hope that students are comfortable being uncomfortable and willing to take risks for the sake of thinking.

Students embrace challenge and push against the edges of their comfort zones. In doing so, we see more, learn more, and experience chemistry more authentically.

Truly the un-googleable is how to relate to another.

Issues of compassion and respect permeant.

In this environment can students have

Resilience to move forward and ability to handle setbacks is a skill based in the ability

If you are not prepared to

A day segmented into blocks of time. I wonder what I do not see --what was beyond the face of the people that sat in the chairs. What kinds of conversations were out there

How does one create

How does one go


These ideas and thoughts are in no way a reflection of Latin School of Chicago rather a person.