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  • Common practice problems with worked out solutions on all major topics under Topic Help

  • Several practice tests are available in each chemistry topic

  • Curated YouTube videos that explain the concepts and go through practice problems

  • Thousands of practice problems with worked out solutions and/or answer keys

  • Learning objective lists to help organize study efforts for tests and assessments

  • Help through calculations and analysis on College Board's AP Chemistry's popular labs.

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There are so many videos, worksheets, and help sites on the web to get you through chemistry. chemdunn directs you to well-done resources, in addition to original content, to get you to the major points that you need to know for all the big concepts in chemistry without you needing to spend time searching. The best way to learn is by applying concepts - therefore you will see an emphasis on actual problems not pages and pages of notes and text. Learning chemistry can be straight-forward, you just need to the right tools and resources!

chemdunn focuses on practice problems

to help you learn the content

1,000s of practice problems are available

$10 for the whole school year*

That is basically $1 / month, if you get it at the beginning of the school year

*One-time payment gives you access to all the resources of chemdunn throughout the school year (August - June). Cost is the same regardless of when you choose to subscribe -- so subscribe early!v A valid email address to access GoogleDoc files is required to gain access. Access is only granted for the whole school year (August - June), individual month access is not supported at this time.