CHEMDUNN is learning by doing. You won't find pages of notes. The focus is on solving problems - the heart of your work in Chemistry. Go through some worked out problems with explanations, practice some problems on your on, and succeed! Beyond our course resources, we offer 3 types of personalized support: (1.) Individual Tutoring (2.) Group Tutoring (3.) Individual Problem Help.

S T U D Y W I T H C H E M D U N N !



Group Tutoring is for 2-4 students at time.

The small group size still allows for individual conversation so that each person gets the support needed. For some learners, small groups can be helpful because hearing the questions of others or being able to "teach" others under guidance can help with their own understanding.

All tutoring is virtual through Zoom or other video conference software.


$35/person/session weekdays $45/person/session weekends

Sessions are 60 minutes each

*The size of the group does not impact the cost per person. Group size must stay within 2-4.

Questions? Please email with any questions about tutoring services.



Individualized support.

  • Receive support on specific work to be done or practice in general topic areas. Practice problems are provided if you don't have any.

  • Get guidance on where to focus on your studying and receive a personalized study plan recommendation post-session.

  • For reoccurring tutoring, parents receive weekly session notes that summarize progress and an update on their child's status.

  • Receive support in between scheduled sessions. All recurring weekly scheduled tutoring clients receive 1 FREE individual problem help in between sessions.

All tutoring is virtual through Zoom or other video conference software.


$90 - $75/ session*

Sessions are 60 minutes each

*Contact for the rate relating to your needs.

ON DEMAND help when you need it.

Sometimes a whole tutoring session is not really needed. You might need help with just a single problem -- for some reason you cannot get the answer or have no idea where to begin. This is the solution for those times ...