Growth. Balance. Inclusion.

These are what you can expect.


GROWTH. Each person will walk in at a different point and that is also how everyone will leave. Uniting everyone is that they have grown and learned. Growth mindset is a key component to the experience. The material will be hard and rigorous. It might take time to understand. Individuals with a growth mindset tend to embrace challenges, persist in the face of setbacks, see effort as essential to mastery, learn from critical feedback, and find lessons in the success of others because they believe that talent, intelligence, and ability can be developed through effort.


BALANCE. To grapple with concepts presented, it is important to devote the time and thought. Your studies should NOT be an all-consuming aspect of your life. A healthy balance of work and care for self is important. Students that are healthy--physically and emotionally--can achieve their highest potential. Valuing wellbeing is part of meeting the standard of excellence expected. Moreover, balance extends to you engage. One must constantly go among being a student, teacher, listener, and talker.


INCLUSION. In order to achieve growth and balance, it must be done with people that are willing to be part of a group and people that feel that they are part of it, not just by label but by culture. All voices must feel welcome. This takes work and time. There is much to gain and learn from each other, including those that have no idea what is going on. Being able to see the perspective of others is an important life skill used in working with people, conflict resolution, and chemistry class to name a few.

CHEMDUNN believes in learning by doing. You won't find more pages and pages of notes and text but the focus is on solving problems - the heart of your work in Chemistry. Go through some worked out problems with explanations, practice some problems on your on, and succeed!

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  • Chemistry can be hard. Chemistry has conceptual ideas which are explained by quantitative explanations (math).

  • It can be difficult to understand the atomic and molecular worlds because you have never SEEN it at that level. You see the effects and implications.