Our Purpose

Searching for help takes time. There are so many videos, practice problems, notes, worksheets, and websites to get you through chemistry. CHEMDUNN brings together the best -- giving you the major points for all the concepts, without you needing to spend time searching and trying to figure out what you don't know.

We want you to succeed in chemistry with little to no frustration!  It can be hard enough to think through some of the concepts in chemistry. 

Our Value

Comparable support and tutoring often costs $100+ per hour. CHEMDUNN delivers a more versatile and expanded offering without compromising quality.  We acknowledge that different people, prefer different levels and types of support. Try out something different and cheaper than the traditional "tutor" but equally effective! 

Most of all, we want you to LEARN and take something away from your chemistry studies!


Subscribe to our regular quick read. Beyond the helpful content for your chemistry course found here, the idea behind this newsletter is: a collection of ideas and thoughts on education, chemistry, influences on our lives, culture, storytelling and whatever else happens to be of interest in the moment.

CHEMDUNN subscribers receive access to all content on this site and special newsletter posts.

Some recurring series that you will see featured as part of the CHEMDUNN Newsletter, in addition to announcing big site updates, includes:

CHEMx - the crossover of chemistry and life. Highlighting a way to use our world to bring depth to chemical concepts.

BrainHack - Remembering some concepts of chemistry can be hard. Here we feature creative ways to remember important concepts. 

OpEd - An opinion piece on a topic that relates to the classroom. Perhaps something on an educational philosophy, current news topic or whatever happens to be of interest in the moment.

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Frequently Asked Questions


CHEMDUNN curates a comprehensive collection of top-quality resources tailored to enhance your chemistry studies. Our selection includes a wide range of materials such as instructional videos, practice problems, answer keys, laboratory experiments, and more.

PLUS, we offer tutoring services to provide you with additional support on your learning journey. CHEMDUNN will assist you with individual problem-solving, offering guidance and expertise when you encounter the most challenging concepts.

How much does access cost?

Material and resource access on CHEMDUNN is granted by support via our Substack which is a monthly subscription.  

All paid subscribers receive access to resources posted on this site!  Learn more here or go directly to our Substack page

Is CHEMDUNN a monthly subscription?

YES!  You can commit for a month at a time - with the option to cancel at anytime!  There is also an annual subscription option for a discount.

Some of the lab resources can be purchased individually for immediate download if you are not looking to subscribe to Substack. Those resources are on CHEMDUNN where indicated. If there is a particular resource you just looking for, contact us!

What payment methods are accepted?

Transactions are processed through Substack and their payment processor.   If you are looking to purchase individual resources directly on CHEMDUNN, we use Stripe for a quick and secured transaction process.  Stripe accepts all major credit cards. 

Can I get access to a course with 2 email addresses?

We provide access for 1 email address per purchased access (via Substack). You will need to be signed into the e-mail account you provided at the time of order in order to view all documents while browsing your course on CHEMDUNN

Another email address can be added (not encouraged) for an additional fee.  Please contact us at if you are interested 

What if I change my mind after purchase?

Subscriptions are on a monthly basis and you can cancel at anytime on Substack. We strive to deliver more value and richness in material compared to its monetary value.  We hope that you find lots of value.  We also are always looking make our resources stronger and welcome your suggestions! 

I just paid for course access but I can't access the materials.  What do I do? 

Unfortunately, access is not instant after you subscribe. You will receive an email in less than 24 hours with full access to all documents. Look out for the email with the subject line "CHEMDUNN Access Granted!"   

If it has been more than 24 hours, please email We will figure out what happened!

Do I need a Gmail or G Suite domain email account to access the documents on CHEMDUNN?

Nope!  It is possible to access GoogleDocs with any email address by following the instructions provided.  Learn how to do it here

As long as you are logged into your account while visiting CHEMDUNN, you will be able to readily see and access the materials. Reach out to if you are running into issues.