The chemistry laboratory is a place to explore and experiment.  The goal is not to know that a scientific theory exists or a mathematical theorem provides an answer, but why and how.  It is one of many stages that offer a collaborative, team-based setting in producing knowledge and connecting atomic interactions to the natural phenomena that we experience and see on a daily basis. The laboratory is beyond simply learning content, but the environment where students engage in learning from mistakes and problem solving. 

L   A   B   O   R   A   T   O   R   Y        M   A   N   U   A   L

Lab Guides

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Lab Page = main page with background and relevant links

Lab Guide = Comprehensive resource with everything related to a lab including sample data and worked out analysis

GoogleSheet = Data and Analysis lab tool provides automatic calculations and conclusions based results

Topic Area(s)

📐 Matter and Measurement

⚛️ Atomic and Electronic Structure

🧲 Bonding and IMFs

🧑 Nomenclature

🧮  The Mole

🧪 Chemical Reactions


🎈 Gas Behavior

🧂 Solutions

🔥 Thermochemistry

🏃 Kinetics

🤹 Equilibrium

☠️ Acids & Bases

⚙️ Entropy and Free Energy

🔋 Redox and Electrochemistry

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